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To operate each property from an ownership perspective increasing the value of the assets, focusing on expense management, growing market share, paying close attention to general upkeep and maintenance of the physical plant, building a lean and efficient team and exceeding customer expectations together with our brand partners to be the leading hotel in the market.


Establish a reputation for InnZen Hospitality, LLC & Affiliates through proven practices and innovative approaches that include:

  1. Ensuring that properties meet or beat industry/Franchise standards and requirements.
  2. Increasing guest satisfaction.
  3. Increasing profitability and return on investment
  4. Acquire Non/Poor performing and 'Good Buy' hotels to turn them around to be profitable.
  5. Build medium and large-scale hotels affiliated with franchisors with higher performance reputation/records.


EYE FOR VALUE: Bottom up building Block approach that includes calculated risks, valuable acquisitions, necessary renovations and timely conversions.

EXPERTISE: Develop and retain experienced team of Personnel through effective hiring, training, incentives and proven management approaches.

COMMITMENT: Ensure customer satisfactions through clean, comfortable, secured and customer oriented rooms.

INNOVATION: Continually introduce new ideas and approaches through business process re-engineering in all aspects of business and operation for improved service and profitability.



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